Apctest battery calibration software

While the swap was all right and didnt disturb connected computers, the battery failed led on the front face kept glowing. Apcupsd works with most of apcs smartups models as well as most simple signalling models such a backups, and backupsoffice. So, a calibration once or twice a year should keep this battery parameter from dropping out of range. Both times the apc bg900 started complaining about the battery not charging after replacing it with a new one, and last time it even shut down my unraid server because of low battery which was a brand new battery, only two weeks old. Using the apctest utility and manuall setting the battery date, solved everything. The calibration function is not to adjust load, but to adjust battery time. Click the dropdown menu next to turn off the display.

During normal operation, your smartups will display an estimated runtime via the software, network management card, or lcd screen. Sprayer calibration tool to quickly calibrate boom sprayers based on any combination of speed, gallons per acre and gallons per minute for. The battery continues to charge with the computer on or off. Click the dropdown menu next to put the computer to sleep. I then issued the command sudo apctest this allowed me to run a battery calibration test. The object of this blog entry was to remind me how to securely erase a cluster of headless compute nodes connected to a head node using a dban image pxe booted from the head node. They were purchased in 2011 but thanks to having the laziest sysadmin and netadmin ever, they sat on the floor for 3 years and werent.

According to apctest from the apcupsd package when the ups is running on the batteries the voltage drops from 28. I did have the ups hooked up to a computer or rather a vm with the proprietary software to turn off the on battery beep warning. It provides protection for electronic equipment from utility power. The calibration is just updating the battery runtime reported and if you dont have a problem with whats reported, no need for a calibration. Jims blog a place to where i can record my technical stuff that should be accessible from anywhere.

This runtime will vary depending on the load attached, the battery charge, and the age of the batteries. Fix truncation of long ups model names such as smartups rt 5000 xl version 1. There is no extbatts listed in the above setting but i think the sua48xlbp should be identified as such. If you choose to do one yes, the ups needs to be online, at 100% charge, and id make sure you have at least 30% load on there and make sure it does not fluctuate to make sure this procedure is. This is done by changing the software to call a simple script like the following. Ignore transitions to battery due to calibration possible if user initiates calibration, then exits apctest and starts apcupsd before calibration completes. Runtime calibration documentation and explanations ups. How to verify apc ups is actually connected freepbx. Apc ups serial port setup july 2 june 3 may 1 april.

Linux comes with gpl licensed open source apcupsd server daemon that can be used for power mangement and controlling most of apcs ups models on linux, bsd, unix and mswindows operating systems. Using a car battery with an apc ups anandtech forums. The most common cause of problems is either improper configuration of the cable type, or an incorrect address for the serial port. The manual initiation of both a test and calibration from apctest seem to have issues. Also, the information that is inserted in your halt script varies from system to system. It is subject to change without notice and is provided as is without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Performing a calibration forces the ups on battery, drains the battery down, and charges it back up. Some notes on apcupsd, a sua3000xli and a sua48xlbp. How to recalibrate the battery in your windows 10 laptop. Sure enough, after four minutes im looking at one blinking light on the front panel gauge but 20 minutes later the thing is still running about a 20% load. The location of the label as well as letter and number sequences will vary by model and product type. How to clear the replacebatt state from apc ups after hot. The freebsd diary apcupsd configuring a ups daemon. Turned off the daemon and run self test first changing battdate in eeprom.

This event is generated when apcupsd detects that the ups battery has been disconnected. Use a thirdparty apc ups management tool for more control. Cant calibrate or test a apc smartups 1500 hi, i have just replaced the batteries in my smartups 1500. Many thanks to james belleau for contributing these features. How to reset ups after changing battery general support.

This can only be performed if your battery is charged to 100% of capacity. The runtime calibration discharges the ups battery to approximately 25% of capacity. Perform selftest results in test did not complete perform battery calibration does not complete. I have 2 apc smart ups 3000s and one of them has a red light lit on the replace battery, these arent even a year old, they both have 1 out of whatever it is for a load, so and just 1 of the 2 has the red solid led on for replace battery, if i push self test on the front of that one, is it going to power off my servers that are connected to that one. The information provided in the apc software firmware download is provided for general informational purposes only. I run an apc smart ups 750 in my home lab environment and have been doing so for a number of years now. I replaced a battery in apc smartups by hotswapping. The second time i have done so, last time i did not properly sort out calibration and testing, the unit went straight into use and generally it misbehaved during long power outages. The model number is not on the front of the unit, but can be found on a sticker on either the bottom or rear of your product. The ups thinks it can run for x minutes on battery and uses that value for different features inside the software, but if you see that the actual run time differs greatly, you run the calibration process so the ups can recognize this difference and adjust its. There is a server runs on a raspberry pi that runs a software called snapcast server that streams audio content, and then the clients raspberry pis connect to that server, and receive audio at realtime using a software called snapcast client. On current hardware and software getting it running should not be very complicated.

The utility apctest enters interactive mode, allowing you to perform various tests, including battery runtime calibration. Battery calibration for true runtime with larger batteries. The reason for this is that quality of my inner city london electricity feed is prone to fluctuate, this isnt helped by my home being located in a livework block where spikes in power is common due to what i assume is the fluctuating power requirements by the. To make sure the computer reaches a full charge, keep the computer attached to the power cord for at least 3 hours. Imtec battery mark is a free, portable laptop battery test software for windows. The company i work for has several apc smartups 5000 in our wiring closets. How do i perform a battery calibration on my smartups. When the server streams the content, it encodes each packet with its local. A manual calibration is basically, to put at least a 30% load on the unit.

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