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As always, i welcome this transition, but each time i do so with a small dose of seemingly incurable apprehension. The original guidebook for the trail was written by ron strickland, the man who pioneered the pnt. Provides highly detailed digital topographic maps, comparable to 1. The pacific northwest trail associations website is the best place to start planning your thruhike. How to prepare for a pacific northwest trail thruhike. What its like to hike the pacific northwest trail outside. Seeking something more than the usual tourist activities on or off the beaten path. Along the way, the pnt crosses three national parks, seven national forests, two other national scenic trails, and against the grain of several mountain ranges, including the continental divide, whitefish divide, purcells, selkirks. Pacific northwest trail is the allinone app for the pacific northwest national scenic trail. Were here to help pct thruhikers and section hikers through the lengthy planning process.

It contains detailed information for more than 180 of the worlds great hikes, and was put together with the mission of inspiring and enabling folks to go backpacking. Mar 01, 2001 from the rocky mountains to the pacific ocean, the pacific northwest trail is a unique hiking experience, offering a variety of backcountry scenery and outdoor adventure. Feb 25, 2012 the great western loop is a 6,875mile footpath that links together five existing longdistance trails including the pacific crest trail, pacific northwest trail, continental divide trail, grand enchantment trail, and arizona trail and a trailless segment through the sonoran and mojave deserts. This group is devoted to the pacific northwest national scenic trail. Use the hiking style slider to adjust your plan to your style. The pacific northwest trail north cascades national park. North pacific route charts are designed for faa controllers to monitor transoceanic flights. A website and newsletter dedicated to the trail running community in the pacific northwest. This will give you a broad overview of what needs to be done to make your hike a success. Pacific northwest trail digest, by tim youngbluth, is a textonly description of the route, with input from past hikers. All it takes is some patience, organization, and the internet. This tool negates hours of effort in creating an accurate plan.

Pacific northwest trail association, sedrowoolley, washington. Pacific northwest trail northeast washington trails. The lack of a management plan is just the tip of the iceberg. Pacific northwest trail, deception pass state park north. And unlike the more popular pacific crest trail, there isnt a strong trail magic culture along the pnt. I wore a tiny pedometer the entire trip and figure i took about 2,587,370 steps to hike about 1111 miles. The software engineer is building a gdt app with atlas trail guides and writing a coffee table book. I want to offer this page as help for people thinking about a pnt hike, one more informational drop in a bucket of thoughts on the trail. Plan ahead and prepare pacific crest trail association. After completing the pacific crest trail, julie hotz set her eyes on the seldomtraveled, lesserknown pacific northwest trail. From the rocky mountains to the pacific ocean, the pacific northwest trail is a unique hiking experience, offering a variety of backcountry scenery and outdoor adventure. For almost 2700 miles the pct travels from mexico to canada. The pacific northwest trail association website is the central source for pnt information, including planning a pnt journey, trail conditions along the length of the trail, maps and guides, and volunteering to help maintain and manage the pnt.

Heres a list of some of the popular resupply points along the pacific northwest trail pnt. A new beginning tomorrow i begin hiking the pacific northwest trail pnt. Whilst some of the planning is out of date, its still a worthwhile read thanks to rons insightful commentaries on points of interest along the way. If you would like more information on the pct itself, check out the pacific crest trail associations homepage. But shes more ambivalent when it comes to spreading the word. I hiked the trail in 20 solo, starting at the eastern border of glacier national park on july 16th and finishing at cape alava on the pacific ocean on september 18th. This not only helps get you excited about your trip, but can also help inform you about any regulations or special concerns regarding the areas you plan to visit. Dec 11, 2014 basically you are looking at ross lake, wa and east. The pacific crest trail is a 2,665 mile or so long hiking trail from mexico to canada, located in the states of california, oregon, and washington.

A map set produced and updated yearly by li brannfors, with comments, alternates, and suggestions from past hikers. Adjusting your plan, lengthing or shorting, is absolutely painless. It has free trail maps, trip planning info, and the latest trail conditions. The pacific crest trail spans 2,650 miles 4,265 kilometers from mexico to canada through california, oregon, and washington. Please postpone or cancel your pacific crest trail plans due to covid19. Pnt thruhikers are like rare birdsseeing one out in the wild is a real treat. The pnta website provides free downloadable topographic maps for the entire trail. Your pacific crest trail plans are useless halfway anywhere.

Remember, this group is devoted specifically to the pacific northwest trail, one of americas newest and wildest national scenic trails. The pacific crest trail, also known as the pct, is americas second longest trail, stretching from mexico to canada through the states of california, oregon, and washington. The 1,200 mile pacific northwest trail is one of the newest national scenic trails in the u. The pacific northwest trail pnt is a 1,200 mile footpath which runs from. The pacific northwest trail is a 1,200 mile trail that spans from glacier national park to the pacific coast. All events have a choice of at least two distances, with shorter course lengths ranging from 48 kilometers 2. Pacific northwest trail, 1931 km, 1200 miles, about 100 days. Welcome to my blog about hiking the pacific northwest trail. We aim to be your number one resource for getting your gear, food, and resupply points in order so you can hit the trail. The pasayten wilderness can be bypassed on dirt roads. Discover the trail pacific crest trail association.

When i started thinking about hiking the pacific northwest trail, i found that information from previous hikers was incredibly valuable. Pacific northwest trail deception pass state park north beach i parked at the parking lot south of deception pass bridge, crossed under the bridge and took the goose rock perimeter trail in my quest to continue day hiking the pacific northwest trail on whidbey island. Sheri doyle, founder of pacific northwest journeys, offers custom itinerary planning for travelers to washington, oregon and british columbia. You can minimize most of the risk with knowledge, equipment and planning. Prepare for your next hiking or camping adventure with highly detailed topographic maps for the pacific nw national trail. The winter trail series celebrates seattle and the eastsides local parks with trail runs that will keep your winter fitness warm. Jun 11, 2018 id definitely recommend getting yourself a pacific northwest guidebook for your trip planning as well as this pacific northwest roadmap which can be useful along the way as well. The secretary assigned planning responsibility to the forest service which serves as the lead managing agency for the trail. Christine smith, 52, of calgary, is another one, completing an endtoend in 2012 and a section hike in 2015. Some items on the list will have their own sublists. Although the trail is still young and not entirely defined, it is possible to traverse the pnt from its beginning on the ocean shores of the olympic peninsula to the crest of the rocky mountains. If you see any changes that need to be made please let us know.

It reveals the beauty of the desert, unfolds the glaciated expanses of the sierra nevada, travels deep forests, and provides commanding vistas of volcanic peaks in the cascade range. The pnta website is the best source for current information about the pnt. The 1200 mile pacific northwest national scenic trail pnnst is a continuous, primarily nonmotorized route of outstanding recreation opportunity. As specified in the act, this plan was developed in consultation with the pacific crest trail advisory council, the governors of affected. These maps feature terrain contours, elevations, summits, parks, coastlines, rivers, lakes, geographical points and more. Based on their prevalence in resource planning, this report focuses on battery and psh resources.

Your forest, your pacific northwest trail friends of the forest. In the northwest, 3 trips, planned by others the new. I kept a blog here on this website, and have some notes for future hikers. The charts show established intercontinental air routes, including reporting points with. When designing a fitness program with hiking preparation in mind. The pacific crest trail pct hike planner is designed to help you dynamically create a realistic hiking plan. The pacific northwest trail winds through northeast washington. Some stuff we already had and plan to use a stove, sleeping pads, nalgene bottles, cookset, etc. Below is my unedited and uncut journal from my 1250 mile pacific northwest trail thru hike in 2014. I flew to seattle with icelandair from amsterdam, a super scenic flight right over greenland.

Where energy storage is selected as a resource, utilities may consider multiple storage technologies in the procurement process. Wall maps print out your favorite trail to 6 feet high. Feb 14, 2017 taig is one such hiker, and hes an evangelist for the trail. The pacific northwest trail pnt is a 1200mile hiking trail running from the continental divide in montana to the pacific ocean on washingtons olympic coast. Proposed pacific northwest trail route yaak valley forest council. Proceeds support educational programs and services. National scenic trails added to washington state maps. Thruhikers, day hikers, volunteers, friends and family, future hikers.

Ill be carrying the following assortment of maps and information. Comprehensive management plan for the pacific crest trail. The pacific northwest national scenic trail pnt is a highvolume thruhiker. A subreddit dedicated to sharing information pictures and stories for the pacific northwest trail. Pacific northwest trail washington trails association. Mapping and logistics hiking the pacific northwest trail. A way to get an overview of this wonderful trail without being bogged down with lots of info. Pacific northwest trail pnt resupply map trail supply co. Find walking maps and guidebooks, self guided walking holidays and hiking tours. My pacific northwest trail hike i hiked the pacific northwest trail from the continental divide in glacier national park in montana to cape alave on the washington coast with my son from july, 2017 to september 16, 2017.

The pacific northwest trail north cascades national park u. Overview with images vacation trips, pacific northwest. Pacific northwest trail pnt thru hike blog 2014 free. The pacific northwest trail pnt is a 1200mile linear trail that stretches from glacier national park in montana to cape alava on the pacific ocean in olympic national park. And so i turned over planning and operations for my most recent foray an august trip through the pacific northwest to a. The perfect 14day pacific northwest road trip itinerary. Please enjoy our site for future trip planning and inspiration. Faa home air traffic flight information aeronautical information services catalog of products supplemental chartspubs north pacific route north pacific ocean route charts. The pacific northwest trail is among our newest national scenic trails, but more and more resources are becoming available to hikers with each passing year. For future hikers hiking the pacific northwest trail 20.

The intent of this program is to provide a tool for estimating your hiking time and not a. In washington, it includes ozette trianglecape alava, the high divide and seven lakes basin of olympic national park, the tursi trail, blanchard hillsouth chuckanut. Your pacific crest trail plans are useless by mac 16 comments as fun or stressful as planning for your pacific crest trail adventure may be, know that every minute you spend planning is simply an exercise in masturbation that results in nothing more than a lot of misplaced hours. The hiking life is a compilation of tips and advice on trip planning, lightweight backpacking techniques and improving your wilderness skill set. If you have more time in oregon, also make sure to visit bend, oregon. The pacific crest trail pct is the appalachian trails more isolated, lonelier western counterpart. The pacific northwest trail begins near the continental divide in glacier national park and travels more than 1,200 miles through montana, idaho, and washington before reaching its western terminus at the pacific ocean near cape alava.

Onequarter of aspiring pacific crest trail thru hikes succeed. The pacific northwest trail is a 1200mile linear park that stretches from glacier national park in montana to cape alava on the pacific ocean in the olympic. A web based utility for planning a pacific crest trail pct hike. A pacific northwest inspired travel and adventure blog, specializing in outdoor hikes, camping, road trips, and destination guides. From ross lake west there is no easy bypass, and multiple wilderness and national parks. A s always, we recommend you contact each resupply point before shipping packages there to ensure they are still accepting and holding packages for hikers. The author is a retired air force colonel, living near the pacific northwest trail pnt for about 14 years. He has sectioned hiked many parts of this national scenic trail. Planning your pct thruhike can be overwhelming but you can do it. If you are flying, your pacific northwest road trip will usually start in seattle or portland. Planning for a pct hike is a lot of work and the actual planning of a pct hiking. If you are planning a longdistance adventure on the pnt, be aware that this trail requires more skill to follow than other popular national scenic trails do.

The trail was designated by congress as a nst in the omnibus public lands management act of 2009. Whats the best time to start the pacific crest trail. Taig is one such hiker, and hes an evangelist for the trail. For more information, visit the pacific northwest trail association website. Here is the official guide to the spectacular longdistance trail that stretches 1,200 miles from glacier national park in montana to washingtons olympic national park.

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